I'm a first year CS PhD student at University of Maryland, College Park. I'm advised by Professor Furong Huang . I'm interested in algorithmic fairness and algorithmic game theory.
I studied math and computer science at Boston University, where I got to work with Professor Bryan Plummer on misinformation detection and Professor Indara Suarez on anomaly detection for the CMS detector at CERN.

I organized for Impact Labs, a nonprofit supporting students to have greater access to opportunities at the intersection of technology and social good.


[1] Bang An, Zora Che, Mucong Ding, Furong Huang. "Transferring Fairness under Distribution Shifts via Fair Consistency Regularization." Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS), 2022. [paper]


[1] "AutoDQM and RPC Monitoring" for the Development for Monitoring the Muon System and ML Applications Segment, CMS Week at CERN, 2020


Goldwater Scholar - 2021

New York Times College Scholar - 2018

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